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April 1 - 6, 2002 - New York - Joe Strummer and his band the "Mescaleros" came to play five shows at the new venue 'St. Ann's Warehouse' under the Brooklyn Bridge. What a week it was! The shows were great and we stayed up partying till dawn each night. Joe played new material from the Mescaleros two albums, as well as some old favorites from the Clash days.  

Joe sang with power, and Tyman Dogg, on the right played wild fiddle and banjo.


The audience give total attention to Joe as he tells it like it is.

The Mescaleros pose before the show. From the left they are drummer Luke, bassman Simon (who also played the trombone), leader Joe Strummer, Martin who plays the guitar, flute, sax, harmonium and several keyboards; fiddle and banjo player Tyman Dogg and guitar player extraordinaire,Scott.

The band on stage. Every time I looked the members had switched instruments. They are the most versatile group I think I've ever seen.

After one of the shows Joe talked with Steve Buscemi and artist Michael Joo at the Water Bar down the street from the gig.

Mick Jones was in town and came to see the first of the shows. He had a good time hanging out with Joe and other old pals.


Joe has a word with famed movie director Jim Jarmusch

Mick hung out after the show with my wife Elizabeth, Josh Cheuse and his wife, actress Cara Seymour and friend Chris Maguire. Josh, an art director at Sony Records, used to be tour manager for Mick's band 'Big Audio Dynamite' Cara appears soon in the upcoming film Gangs of New York.


After the first show we took a group shot of some of the friends hanging out with Joe.

Barry "Scratchy" Meyers was the DJ for the week. He traveled with the Clash as their DJ in the '70's so it was really fun to have him back again.



Thursday night after the show Josh & Caroline hosted and DJ'd a party at the Three of Cups They kept everyone dancing all night.

Michael Joo shares a drink with Joe and introduces his wife, Niki Warin, who is expecting their baby to arrive very soon, but not until at least after the show.


Chris Byrne owns the bar Rocky Sullivans on Lexington Ave. where we partied very late for several of the nights. Joe met Chris several years ago when Chris was the pipe player in the band Black 47.

Joe says Hi to graffiti artist Dr Revolt.

Josh and Caroline try to say they're leaving but Joe tells them to get back to the bar and have another drink.

Joe has such interesting friends. Here he gets some advice from Joly as Hugo Guinness listens in.


Joe's wife Lucinda looks lovely as Joe gets ready to go on

The Mescaleros still look pretty good posing for a photo as they come off stage after the last of the week of shows.

On the one night off the band recorded a tune for the theme of an English TV show. Taking a break above are Tyman, with Gerb and Joe and Josh & Caroline.

Joe gives a pat on the back to his hard working tour manager, Simon Foster.

Strummer Hoffston gave her drivers license to Joe to prove she was named "Strummer" after him.

At the party at the Three of Cups I get in a shot with Joe. You can see the bartender behind us is wearing a T-shirt with my photo of Kiss.

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