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June 6, 2001 - The Patti Smith Group are playing a three night gig at the new Greenwich Village venue "Village Underground". The sold out show I saw was fantastic! Full of passion and feeling, Patti Smith is a true legend. It's great to see a world-class artist such as Patti in a small and intimate room. It felt like a show in a friends basement, and the crowd loved every minute. Club owner Steve Weitzman has been bringing some very good shows to the city and this one is no exception.  

Patti Smith group plays at the Village Underground with an American Flag background.

Lenny Kaye thanks Andi Ostrowe for singing a song with Patti.

Patti opens her arms to the crowd

The audience is rapt as Patti reads from a poem by William Blake

Lenny pays attention to her as Patti sings a rocker.

Patti smiles as she plays guitar, in fact she smiled a lot at this show.

The fans give a big round of applause.

Patti takes a bow.

Guitarist Oliver Ray takes a solo.

After the show, Lenny Kaye gives bassplayer, Tony Shanahan, a hug as Tony celebrates his birthday.

After the show, I stopped to have a bite to eat and by chance saw Lenny as he was headed home. My wife Elizabeth to a photo of us (someone in the place must have thought we were hippies cause he held a peace sign in front of us).

Lenny took this photo of me and Elizabeth as we enjoyed a bowl of Japanese oden.

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